A call at 3 AM in the morning

Every once in a while, a revolutionary product comes along .. that changes everything…

I don’t know how many times have I heard this speech from Steve Jobs when he first revealed world’s first true Smart Phone to the world.

I remember when I was in hostel, during my masters .. Steve job was one person I wanted to be like. I was always impressed by his work and his dedication to the quality, precision and of course creativity.

Every other product he released back in those days were revolutionary and were at least 5 years ahead of competitors.

I remember, I was watching on of the movies dedicated to his life. I watched the full movie till 2 AM I think and I went so emotional ( first of all, I don’t cry for sh***y things. I cry for things that matter to me, for things that are closest to me) ..anyways, I went so emotional that I called my mom at 3 AM in the morning, worrying about why Steve jobs died so early ..

I said I wanted to meet him once in my life. ..

My mom got confused as to what happened to me ?

She said, ‘Okay! I think we can discuss this later in the morning when you get up son’ ! to which I said ,’Okay!’

I went on my terrace for a while. Gave my self some times to enjoy that sorrow. I tried keeping those emotions for some times, kept thinking about how great he was !!!

But time flies by .. I really wanted to meet him once. I still remember how precise he was when it came to the dedication of designing of the products. He always revised their designs until he found one that satisfies him.

Just in case you don’t know, his dedication to detailing is the very reason why the ipad still to date, does not have a calculator app. Because according to him, calculator app doesn’t look good on the size of screen of an ipad and he did not want to launch an ipad that would come up with stretched/scaled version of iphone calculator app, so he asked his engineers to ship it without calculator.

I don’t really mean to praise him here but I just wanted to share this as one of my life story that I missed…

Even today, everytime I see this clip, I think of his thoughts and I go emotional every single time I hear it.

Forget about everything and listen to this.. I think you will feel it. I just start feeling it from the moment I hear his voice.

and you know what ! That makes my feeling go away that I’m going mad !!!!