A cassette player head and me

My father had one of the biggest collections of cassettes. Those rectangular boxy cassettes with magnetic strip inside them.

Occasionally, we used to play songs on the player, my father would whistle whole songs while doing his chores and I would keep looking at my mom and dad.

We have a good family but almost everyone of us is moody.

Anyways, my father’s whistling would bring back smile on my face. I always loved seeing him happy, that would intern bring smile on my mom’s face too…my brother is an exception though.

I have played with that player too. Back then, I was too small to understand how does the player know what’s written in the cassette and what should it play on speaker. I was in constant search for this.

I did not have internet back then to search so there was only one way to know. TO OPEN THE PLAYER 😈

and I did that. I traced back the whole arrangement. The cassette gets in here, this power cord is plugged into this circuitry, the magnetic strip inside, rolls over here and this must the place that tells player what to sound…and it was a reading head of the player.

and then I remembered that my father would be coming soon so I’ll have assemble it all back to a working player. But I did not want to put it back, I wanted to see more… and I took out the head.

I though if I attach a speaker to either connections of the player head, and manually roll cassette magnetic strip over it, it should sound ( as I said, I was too small to understand that it would need power to work 😊).

So I did.

I took out the player head, grabbed a small speaker from my inventory and tried. Obviously it did not work but I did forget how to put it back. 🙊

Hahaha. So I assembled the whole player without the player head and showed as if nothing happened.

Hahaah..later in the day, the moment I saw him putting cassette in the player, I ran out of the house 😆 and that’s when he got that something fishy is going on here and he called me out.

Hahah… I came back with player head in my hand and showed him. We both laughed like anything…

I don’t understand if I was curious, naughty, shy, silent, obedient .. who was I in my childhood !!!


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