A charming experience

I woken up early after so long today. I don’t know why but almost everyone was in their houses, whole colony of ours was looking like there lives no ones here.

I mean it was all empty outside. For a minute, it felt like everything’s reset and it’s just our family on the earth. It was total silence, no car, no breeze, no door open, everything was still.

Woooww !! I just enjoyed looking out. I felt how one will feel if everything on earth get’s destroyed. I wanted to snap that up but unfortunately my phone was dead. I forgot to charge it last night and fell a sleep.

I’ll try getting up little early one more time tomorrow and will see if I can snap that.

I just felt like I’m the only one alive…I felt as if I’m in some simulation game, where half of the environment is built but half is still in progress.

It was great experience… You readers know, I’m fan of environments like these. I can sit hours doing nothing there…