A healthy fight

My parents have always had the habit of asking me about my whole day. And I would and still make sure that I tell them something new and funny or crazy everyday.

I was in first standard then. I had come back after an exhausting day , I was really sad day for me for some reason.

My mother noticed this, and asked me her favourite question “What happened in your school today?”

Me: I had a fight with Pushkar today.(Pushkar was my good friend then.)

Mom: Why? What happened?

Me: He said Pink is a better color and I said I like blue.

Mom: Okay….then?

Me: As soon as I said that, he said that I am stupid. So even I called him stupid. But then he started pulling my hair, so even I started pulling his hair…and we started hitting each other.

Mom: You shouldn’t fight! But that aside, did your teacher not notice you both fighting? Where was your teacher then?

Me: She was in the classroom.

Mom: Then?

Me: But the fight between us was imaginary, so how would she see?

My mother laughed like anything after this. When my father came home at evening I repeated the same story in the same manner, and even he had a hearty laugh.

From then, if I ever mention any incident of my class they surely do ask me “ Manatlya manat ka” ( Is this your imagination?)



sometimes my brother used to play devil .. I would punch him at 8 AM in the morning and would start crying at 8 PM in the evening when papa used to come back…

He used to be like , “He did this to me & he punched me here and there and what not” …

hahha .. and papa would scold me for nothing ( i mean he used to know it but just for him he would scold me ) ..

The moment papa’s done scolding me, he would start shining .. he would start smiling … as if the only thing he wanted to see was to get me scolded.. Hahaha..