A kidnapper’s car …

A kidnapper’s car …

Back in the days when I was in 1st standard I guess, our school had this big room full of toys for children where you could go once in a day. It usually used to be locked and one of out teachers would open it for an hour or so and we would play as much as we wanted.

I don’t know why but I was hardly interested in playing with those toys. It wasn’t that I was different but most of the times it used to be that there was just one car I always liked but someone would already have taken it.

I never liked to grab it from other while they are playing but on the other hand I did want it.

It was white, Maruti Omni model. You pull it back and leave, it will race forward. I remember it had those nice softy rubber tyres and dark tinty windows. It was so favorite of mine that If I didn’t get to play with it, I would not play with any other toy and would go, sit in the class doing my study.

You see back in the days, the reputation of Maruti Omni, as we always saw in the movies was that it was a kidnappers car. Most of the movies used to show villains kidnapping someone in Omni😁. A person would be going by road, suddenly a car will stop by, a person in the car would slide the door and would grab him in and within seconds, car would be moving😁.

I used to play for hours with that car, I played less with it, I looked, felt it more.

Even when I was in hostel, apart from my home, thinking of stories like these and smiling with my own was my way of keeping myself happy and smiling with the loneliness inside.

This habit of mine is what makes me keep going in life. Not only the stories but the habit of showing that I’m always fine, smiling while actually I might not be.

Very few people ( I would say hardly 1/2 other than my parents) have seen me tensed, crying … other than that, everyone sees me as a happiest person on the planet…

Anyways … you take care, Have a great day.

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