A silent child

A pretty girl is riding her bicycle on an empty road, she doesn’t seem to be in a good mood. She is just riding her bicycle…no smile on her face.

It’s her teacher. Whose teacher?

There’s a family in the house, everyone rushing for office. everyone having breakfast …they’re chatting over breakfast.

It’s time to grab your bags please …everyone. Joe’s teacher is coming soon, her mother says…Joe is still drinking her milk but they’re too busy packing their bags for office and schools.

Joe is a tiny 5 year old girl, she is slowly drinking her milk, no smile on her face.

The door knocks and it’s joe’s teacher on the door… ‘bye mom .. bye honey..’.. everyone goes out…

‘She has a hearing aid but she doesn’t wear it..anyways just wanted to let you know.. we just want her to be confident enough to make her go to school.’, her mother looks at the teacher !!!

‘Yeah that’s really common, nothing to worry about. I think we will start slow with teaching her leap reading and then we will concentrate on her understanding of sign language and her speech !!!’…

Joe is watching the TV .. you take care of her ..ill be back by evening ..bye!!!!, her mother rushes to office without even waving back at joe.

Joe’s teacher just looks at joe .. she’s watching TV.. doesn’t hear anything .. no smile on her face.

Her teacher turns OFF the TV and signs joe .. ‘can we play?’ …

joe is silent … she just looks at her teacher.

‘Well let me show you something you will like’ ..her teacher signs her back. No sound !!!

Her teacher takes out a tortoise from her bag and hands it to joe.

Wow, joe likes it, she taker it from her teachers hand and curiously looks at the tortoise. .. still no expressions on the face but you can feel the happiness inside her.

Whole day passes by, her mother comes back home .. joe’s teacher and joe both are watching TV. Her teacher is trying to explain sounds on the TV with sign language.. Joe can’t hold on to every other sign language but she does catch some ..

‘Oh you’re back. I think joe catches sign language very well, did you teacher her something before?’, joe’s teacher is about to say this but her mother takes a phone call in between and goes to the other room..

Her teacher really feels bad about it . That no one in the room simply cares about joe. She is just there ..

‘Do you take her in the garden ever? ‘, her teacher asks her mother ..

‘well we haven’t yet taken her out of the house but I’m sure she would love it.’, her mother replies and goes to the kitchen.

The other day rises .. her teacher comes back. Everyone leaves house in hurry as usual..

Joe is still siting on the dining chair.. looking out through the window .. as if she’s thinking about something. No smile on her face!!!

Her teacher steps in .. She wants to step in but she chooses to be on the door.. She looks at joe’s face .. she looks out at her running parents and steps in …

Their class starts, her teacher today has some drawing for her.. she points to the objects and signs with hand looking at joe .. to make her understand , to make her relate that this sign means this object …

‘What’s that?… it’s a milk .. ‘, her teacher signs like she is drinking a milk ..

‘An orange…orange juice … you get it? ‘, her teacher signs as if there’s orange in her hand and she is drinking an orange juice ..She expects joe to say something .. but she is just looking at her teacher’s reactions … no smile on her face !!!

‘You want to go to the park and feed the ducks ? you know ducks?’, her teacher switches the pages of the book, trying to find out an image of a duck ..

‘An orange juice’ … joe says and looks down !!

Her action shows that she is hungry but all she could grab from her teacher’s actions is that action for orange juice has something to do with eating …

Joe looks at her teacher with a smile ..’An orange juice’.. she says once again and suddenly her eyes go watery ..

so as mine ..

Somehow she feels it .. she feels that she is being discarded by her parents and that there’s no one to even take care of her .. She’s hungry but no one but her teacher understands that …

her teacher literally puts fake smile on her face so that joe won’t get discouraged ..

‘Okayz .. jow wants orange juice !!! let’s pack a bag, where’s your bag?’..Her teacher signs her, picks her up and they both walk out for the first time to buy some oranges.

She walks out for the first time .. she looks at everything and tried to enjoy everything as much as possible ..because her actions show that she know her parents won’t be bringing her out again …

They both buy oranges, they play in the garden.. day passes by !!!

The next day, joe waits for her teacher to come .. they start their class !!!

‘whats this?’, her teacher signs ..

‘A tortoise’, joe says …

‘Wohaaaaaaaa corrrrrrrect!!! ‘, her teacher literally starts crying ..and claps for joe…

As days pass by, joe learns sign language lesson by lesson …

They’re sitting in the garden .. and joe’s mother is looking at them through the closed window …

‘I know she is progressing but I want her to speak .. we can’t do sign language. No school will let her be in with these foolish signs’, says joe’s mother to her teacher..

Joe ..lead reads what her mother just said and she feels broken ..

‘Can we play hide and seek in the garen? pleaseeeeeeee’ .. joe signs her teacher.

‘Yes of course , let’s gooooooo !!!!’ , her teacher agrees but those words from her mother strikes both of them .. to joe and her teacher .. They both know that all that hide and sick game was just for distract themselves from those thoughts …

They both can’t sleep that night !!!

‘You know what .. my ears are broken …joe eachos this in her teachers ears and runs away !!!’

The very next day, while her teacher is on her way to joe’s house, she gets a call in between ..

‘It’s joe’s mother…look me and joe’s father we’ve been talking but we think speech therapy is the best way for her and not the sign language. We’re discontinuing her class’ , her mothers say this and hangs up the call..

Joe’s teacher calls her back and tries to convince her that learning sign language is a key for her to get into the school and understand what others are saying ..

Her teacher quickly rushes to their home so that she could explain even better .. but they’ve already left for office and joe is admitted in the school. …




‘Write the date at the top and we will be starting with a spelling test… one …two … three’ .. sounds pop up in the background and there she is .. joe !! sitting in the normal class room where everything is super silent ..because she couldn’t hear anything ..She can’t understand anything.. she just keeps looking at everyone .. no smile on her again …

She’s deep into some thoughts …

On the other side, joe’s teacher rushes quickly to the nearby school and waits for joe …

School is already over and almost all the students are out but not joe.. her teacher goes nervous, starts looking for joe and she finds her ..

She finds her leaning to the wall ..looking down .. thinking of something and joe notices her teacher and runs to her teacher and hugs her tight …she bravely holds her cry and signs , ‘I’m not understanding anything in the school’ !!!

Her teacher is about to cry .. but she could hardly hold it !!!

She wipes her tears and goes away crying !! and joe follows …







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