Absolute peace of mind

Since I got off of my comfort zone, took admission in my Masters, around 350 Km from my hometown, staying away from everyone and getting introduced to whole new form of life and people was completely new thing. A world of my own…

Me being a silent person, sitting alone under the tree in my hostel corridor was the only calming thing for me. I always had my favorite rubix cube in my hand, which was simply there to be with me, I never tried to solve more than one face of it. I just sat under the tree, leaving all the thoughts behind.

I liked to do so at night at 2-3 AM when whole world was sleeping. The only thing that felt alive were the cars going by the highway around my hostel. I liked listening to those sounds of cars going by…

At times I even got up and went to the university gate just to sit there and watch those cars and trucks. That was one way to get out of the loneliness.

Since then, being awake at night became my thing that I always loved. Its always been peaceful there. Every time I travelled back to home, on the way our bus always took a turn into one of the hotels for dinner.

I never took my dinner there but I always enjoyed walking alongside the highway, looking at those vehicles and listening to their sounds…Wow !!