An imaginary Home

My father was a bus conductor. So everyday he went on duty, he always made sure that he had some change at hand so that he won’t have issues while issuing tickets in the bus ..

So everyday, he would take out some change from his cupboard and used to count it .. Sometimes I used to get to count it. It hardly used to be Rs 200, 300 but it felt lot more back then .. I hardly was in 2nd standard I guess.

My child mindset never understood that my father would bring up some change everyday he came back from his duty that next day he can get it with him. I always thought, his cupboard must be having some hole or something inside from which he takes out a bag of change…

So I always felt that we had enough money. I always used to think that my father has a bus which costs almost 20 Lakh rupees .. Hahahha.

On the other hand, I also used to see in movies how billionaires get robbed so I always felt that their is a possibility that thieves hunt out home one day ..

With this, I used to dream of my home while sleeping . … I used to think of how my home would look like later in life… Hahaha ..

One thing I always did was that even in my imaginations, I did not want my home to be safe from robbers. So I would imagine my home to be a broken one, very poor looking from outside but would have the best things inside…

and I’m sure this was because my father had told me how thieves do not rob in a day .. they keep an eye on your house for months to notice when you go out, how many family members are there etc ..

So I always thought that making my home look simply from outside will may be stop them from being there at first place.. Hahhaa..

And also I was just few years old while I used to think this, I never liked to have any sort of loan on me. I always thought that no matter how much money my father would have, I would always earn on my own and I would not have any sort of loan on my head.

So with little bit of math I new, I used to calculate that if I reserve Rs. 10, 20 or 50 right from today, how much would I have after a long to buy a house for me. etc .. I never got the calculation right but every time, getting up pen and paper and trying calculate different calculations was fun !!!

If that’s not enough, I used to do same sort of calculations even in my masters .. hahaha ..I’m not really ashamed of it but every-time my days was bad, I used to think of leaving the Masters study and all and used to think of using my coding skills, technical skills into some business so that my day ahead would be better.

Anyways .. in all of this , today I remember that it hardly ever was about money .. it always was about standing on my own … getting rid of depending on my parents to feed me …it was also about having my own home and having enough to spend :-).

even today, It’s so cool to think of how I used to imagine of my home and used to have 100’s of plans that never made any sense…