Bathing only in bath tub

My mom says, When I was 1/2 years old, I never liked to bath. The moment I see my mom going into bathroom, I would assume that she’s gonna bath me now, I would start crying…

Hahahaha, I was so annoying no?

I knew when my mom is preparing for washing cloths and when its preparation for my bath, no matter how many times she tried to trick me, I would know that it’s my bathing time and I would start crying.😭

On the other hand, I did like to play with water. I remember when my mom would start washing cloths, I would sit besides her, I would take some water in the mug and keep playing with it.

At the same time, I did hate getting my toes dirty after wetting… so I would keep playing till my mom finishes so that she would pick me up and take me in.

When I started understanding things, I mean at the age of 4/5, I wanted to bath in tub. I remember asking for bathtub. I liked it because I could then sit there as much as I wanted and keep playing with water.

We didn’t have bath tub but my mom would empty the other big tub we had for me and would make me sit in there.

Good thing was, she would let me sit there for as long as I wanted. Super awesome !!!

hahaha I even remember trying to sit in the bucket itself. I could easily fit in it. 😆

I had stiff neck yesterday, It was paining so much that I could not sit, concentrate on do anything…I even ate just for the sake of eating.. I sat on the sofa and slept there sitting… in the dreams I saw this all … my childhood days where I was so selective about simple things like bathing…😆


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