Big tiger in the school

Big tiger in the school

My brother started talking late during his childhood, but when he did, he would utter anything on his tongue.

And he would say it so confidently that his small friend use to believe it easily. It wasn’t a lie as such but it’s usually a tendency of children to hide things.

Even I, being elder than him by a year or two, I used to be with him and used to believe what he said. I remember how on his first day at school, he convinced mommy that there was this giant tiger in his school and how that tiger was his friend and how he sat on that tiger and they went onto a hill nearby and all the students in the school were running after them… hahahaha

And me being super serious, I would right away start believing , thinking how would the situation be..


Sometimes we both used to team up to make my mom believe something … something like how the sparrow sat on his shoulder, looked at him and touched him on his neck.. and I would add more in excitement that it chattered with us, telling us about the matters in their sparrows family ..hahahah

I was mad.

When we were playing with other children, I hardly was with them to play because mostly I would be playing with the puppies and doggies and cows nearby… but my brother!! He would sit with those children and he would tell them how he has his own secret factory that makes chips and he has almost every other flavour of chips and kurkure’s.

Even for many days, I myself believed that I had some police uncle in our family and that I couldn’t see him because he is always on duty etc.

Hahaha … I mean we weren’t different but we were enjoying being like that … there was one thing which was sure in this, we both never lied with anyone. We made up stories, tried to convince my mom but we never did.

Hahaha one thing I laugh about is how my brother used to start crying even before my mom started beating us or then I would start convincing him that she won’t do anything and then even I would start crying … Hahahhahaha

Crazy days …

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