Blanket on me …

I tend to sleep late at night. I have always been a night owl and yesterday was no exception.

I was watching Blue origin launching their Shepherded rocket in the space and in the middle of it, I realized that both me and my brother, we forgot to take our blankets out.

We have to take them out everyday from the bedroom where parents sleep. We forgot and had no chance to wake them back up just to get those …

Mind that it was around 2 O’clock. My brother had already gone to sleep and I needed blanket but could not have one. Realizing that I had to sleep without it, I started distracting myself and concentrated on the video.

My parents don’t like us being awake so the moment I realized that someone, either mom or dad is going to wake up, I just closed my eyes, put my phone down and pretended to be sleeping (Don’t judge me, I’m just being honest).

My mom had woken up, I was awake, pretending to be sleeping at 2.30 AM, she went back in, took blankets, put one on my brother and one on me ..

You won’t believe, I felt so awesome, so awesome that I almost held my breath to pretend to be sleeping .. my emotions were flooding inside.

Yessss, there’s nothing extra ordinary in this but for me, little gestural things like these matter a lot. There’s countable people in my life that genuinely mean things like these..

I kept my eyes closed and let the blanket be on me and slept with the same thought .. Woow !!!


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