Blink snap

If there was one thing I liked and wanted a lot in my childhood was ‘mobile phone’. I had built some of my own dummy models and used to carry them with me ..

New model every week. Hahha.

Along with mobile phones, I also liked cameras. I remember, there’s a special market around our city called ‘Chor bazaar’ where people openly used to sell stolen things.

I used to ask papa to buy me a camera from there. I mean I wanted one from there because it use to get much cheaper there than market price.

I remember, we had gone somewhere and we four took a snap together .. a family photograph but then just before cameraman snapped, I had to pee so I had this reaction of controlling myself ..

Hahhaa .. it was an awesome pic. i wish I could share it here 🙃

My papa later painted it a bit and made me look good. hahahahha.

I was child so I used to believe that my eyelids are shutter of my camera and I snap photo every time I blink.

So I used to blink every now and then and used to take shots that I liked… Hahahhaha.

I wasn’t sure where could I see those snaps but I was happy to capture more…

At times, I used to intentionally blink harder just to makes sure that I catch then snap.

Hahaha …