Childhood fears

I remember how I used to be afraid of lightning. I used to be so confused because at one hand, I had to watch it raining and on the other hand every-time I saw lighting, I used to run like anything. As if I stroke on us hahahaha ..

The other thing I used to afraid of in my childhood was crawling animals ( I don’t want to name them hahaha, let’s call them crawling animals 😊).

I hardly was in 2nd standard I think but then, I had also learnt that those animals usually come out when it rains .. because then ground goes cold and the environment becomes suitable for them to come out …

So I used to awake till midnight looking for one around my bed .. just in case. Papa noticed it once and he asked be why am I awake .. and I told him about it .. and then he said, ‘Our beds are heighted for the same reason. Those animals can’t crawl up so no matter where they are, they can’t crawl up and come up on your bed’.

Yes .. his answer kept me convinced literally for years and my fear just few away.

and now I understand how stupid I was to believe those explanations.. I mean those really were required at that time and those of course helped .. so no offence there .. I’m glad he told me so and I believed. 😊