Childhood funnn

I remember, I bought a video game ( called brick game that time.. it’s images are still there on internet) in fare..I think I was in 5th standard.

I used to like it a lot.. there were many things missed because of it. I mean I used to like playing it so much that I could easily spend hours playing with it.

The fun thing was that everytime I knew I was going to lose, I used to restart the game. 😆 and I had best score in almost every other level of it.

The other one of my favorite memories is that “My mom hardly ever took me to the bed ( I mean since I started walking) but I used to fake sleeping so that my mom would get me up and take me to the bed”.

Hahaha… I used to wait behind the door to scare my mom, she would know that I’m there so she would intentionally take long and then I would get bored and get out and then she would ‘bhuwaaaaaaaa’ me and I would get scared 😆

I remember I used keep watching two drops of rain rolling down the windows pretending that they are racing … I also used to cheer them up.

There were lot many tiny things like these that I had which always kept me happy, smiling in my childhood ..

I’m sure I have lot more such tiny little things to share but I think I would reserve some of them for next story 🙂