Coffee machine in the office

I remember my first day at my first ever internship… at Imagination technologies.

You won’t believe, till masters, I did not know how to use ATM. I mean I never had to use one.

There were so many things I was doing for the first time during my masters.

Me and one of my classmates, we were there. We had our schedule, we both were working on the same project. I think it was just a week passed when we were familiar with almost everyone around us.

We both were not part of any team, we were just working on small portion of the work that we were given.

The other day, we decided that we will go and explore the office. We looked at meeting rooms, lobby, play zone everything … and then we reached out to cafeteria.

We looked at each other and we thought of having a coffee. But the problem was that we both had never ever operated the coffee machine and we did not want to mess up.

So she said, she will call the security and ask him to explain how it works. I agreed. She was about to go but then suddenly she saw a button there that read, ‘push’.

We looked at it’s display. ‘Latto’ was already selected there, so we assumed that we would get Latto if we push it.

I took a cup, placed it appropriately and pressed it. Steamer blew so loudly that we both almost stepped back.

Okay! so that push was for steamer. She pointed out to another one. I pushed it and it worked. Cup started filling with Latto… we smiled.

It was too late until we realized that we did not know what to press now to stop pouring more. Hahahaha.

Till I was figuring out, she kept on getting mugs and filling one by one. Hahahah.

We filled almost 5 cups 馃槣 and I finally found one that stopped it all. Huh!

Thank god no one was there. I just said so in mind and the next moment an employee entered cafeteria 鈥ahahaha. It was all random so the cups were placed so badly that it was hard to believe that they were filled for someone.

It literally looked like some messed up scenario and that employee got it immediately.

It’s personally very hard for me to hold my laugh back so I looked at him and laughed… as if we surrendered.

That employee laughed too, he got what happened.. and he pointed to cups and said, ‘Okay! How many of these are your’s?”

We said two… I took mine and she took hers… he smiled and said, “Okay! no worries. some of my team members like Latto. They would be more than happy if if I take this to them’. .. And he took the rest 3. hahahahahhaha.

We had no interest to sit outside after doing this all… so we took our cups and went straight to our desks and drank our coffee there ..

Hahahahaha .. It was super funn. I never went to that machine again after that …though my classmates used to.