dOOO DOOOO Doooooo

dOOO DOOOO Doooooo

I was 11-12 months old, it was when I had just learnt crawling. Our house just built..

Door still had no stoppers so they would slam shut even with little bit of breeze. I was too young and naughty, so my mom used to be worried that I’ll get caught while shut down.

I used to crawl by door so my mom would keep eye on me. Everytime my papa went to his duty, I would go to the door to see him… and if door starts shutting behind me, my mom would come running and she would say .. “door …. dooorr…. dooooorrrr” .. She meant, look back mukesh door is shutting down ..

I never understood what that meant but every time door used to shut down, I would say ‘dooooooo dooooooo dooooooooo’ even before my mom ..Hahahahahah !!!!

Funny thing was that I knew mom comes running after hearing that so I would say it randomly everytime I wanted to call mom .. Hahahahaha !!!

I’m not sure if it’s me or my brother but one of us had learnt that holding thumb and index finger and make up a circle and show that to mom , she would understand that we need laddo ..Hahaha .. that was our own sign.

Mom says when I had learnt to crawl, door was a place where they would often find me.. I always used to crawl by the door and used to keep looking out.

So sitting in the door or terrace has been my thing since then ? I don’t know !!!

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