Dragonfly laying golden eggs

Dragonfly laying golden eggs

Last week has been super busy since we had production release. We had few bugs in our code, took a while to fix them.

I was fixing bug assigned to me and suddenly I remembered how bold and brave I was in my childhood that I was not afraid of bugs. There weren’t many so to say but there were Spiders, 1/2 cockroaches here n there…

The moment I saw some, I use to crawl/walk, trying to catch them to see how do they look like or what do they do when they get caught.

It feels cruel now but back then I remember I used to play with them a lot, like take a plastic vessel/bottle and put bugs in there, try putting different type of bugs together and what not.

I don’t know who told me but I guess one of my friends told me that If you catch a dragonfly, put it in some box and get it awesome stuff to eat, it lays golden eggs 😆.

And there I was, looking for dragonflies and finally got one, I made a cardboard house for it, carved some holes to it so my dragonfly would get fresh air. I wasn’t sure what would they eat 🙈 but then I was intelligent 😀, I thought, as we eat Chapati’s and Bhakri’s in the meal, they must be eating those flours.

So I made separate compartment specially for eating and put 2-3 type of flours there, so it can it whichever flavor of the flour it wants to. Hahaha.

Every evening I came back from school, I used to look after it’s home… Like honestly, getting those golden eggs was never a motive, there was this joy of feeding the dragonfly.

One day I came back from school and looked into its house and my dragonfly wasn’t there and that’s when I realized that the holes I had to its house, one of them was bigger enough to let it fly out and surely it would have found it’s way out through that hole.

Hahahha .. and that home? I made an insect zoo out of it and kept all different cockroaches, insets that I caught, in there… I used to think that with that, they would get to know each other and would be happy to live there with lots of food.

Crazy days …

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