Drumsticks, Me and Brother

I was very shy in my childhood. I still am but on the other hand, I’m good at doing things I like or I want to.

I was sitting with mom in the kitchen and that reminded me of an incident in my childhood.

I was in 6th or 7th I guess, we had few drumsticks and I wanted to sell them. I wanted to get the feel of selling vegetables but at the same time I was too shy to go out in the lane and shout out “drumsticks le lo, drumstick le lo ..”

So I said I will go to some other area and shout there .. Hahaha. to be frank, I wanted that experience of shouting loud to sell things.

So I took my brother with me, we took our cycles and went over… I was little shy at first so I asked my brother to shout so that I can join him .. Hahaha .. and we did .. we sold almost all of those ..

I can still remember how I was shouting … Hahahah.

I went with lot of enthusiasm and excitement but when time came, I was like ‘tu bol pehle … tu boll pehle.’.

Every time someone responded and asked for price ..I would go so happy that I was like ‘Bhai, you responded me .. that’s more than enough .. tu ye free me leke ja..’ ( translation: You responding to me is more than enough.. take it for free..Hahaha)

Hahha .. somehow selling has been something I wanted to do .. I was hardly 10 years old when I was selling ice-cream with one of my favorite ice cream seller..

I’ve done some things like these where I once went to the Setu office ( office where you get your legal documents – cast certificate, domicile etc). I had gone there and wanted to experience how it feels like to work there or to be a part of a job where people are waiting in huge lines for you to give them certificates.

So I talked with authorities there, told them how my computer skill were back then and then he allowed me to work there for while. Experience of working there was awesome.. though he did not give me any salary that he had promised 🙁

I used to work there after my school and had shifted my study time to evening and night …. so it was quite an experience.

With all those, I learnt the value of work, money and experience at very early stage. I had my own learnings from each of those though as I did not get salary from those guys, all my dreams of getting my own phone and a sari for my mom were completely destroyed but anyway .. those work hours taught me a lot and of course those were fun ..

Nice !!!