Eclipse, School bell and Me

Eclipse, School bell and Me

I remember when I was a child, in my school, sometimes I used to ask out peon to let me ring the bell. He would be waiting for my class to over, he would let me come out and he used to then pick me up and I would ring the bell…

Somehow ringing bells was fun thing for me. I used to do that with the ice cream cart , I used to do that with the school bell.

Even with our alarm clock, I wanted to know where does the bell ring from. I opened it and was never able to assemble it back… hahaha

I remember when there was an eclipse, many parents used to come to pick up their children after the school.

My mom wouldn’t come to pick me up but she always told me not to look up in the sky during eclipse time. So on whole of my way, I would not take my hands down, I would cover my face with my hands and I would look through the slits between my finger…Hahaha

Sometimes, I wanted to count number of steps to school so while I walk, I would count it loud. Hahaha !!!

There were many such things to do on my way back home, I never came easy at home, I always had something to do … I would sit on benches alongside the road, and would look at cars and animals, I would forget to ho home and would start catching butterflies on my way , I would say ‘hi’ to the Barber and would sit in his shop for a while to see how he does haircut ..Hahahah ..

I was crazy, I was just 7-8 years old back then , but I always enjoyed being simple. I think almost all the shops along the way were familiar to me, I used to stop by any of those to see how their owners do things they do.

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