Eraser eater

I don’t really remember getting angry with something … It’s not in my blood. Of course I was the most crying child in my childhood but I hardly ever got angry of something.

I remember when I was in 2nd standard, I was sitting in the corridor and one of my friend came to me and said, ‘You know mukesh, I can eat erasers.’.

I was like what? Who eats erasers…No one does. He said, ‘No no..he actually has ability to eat erasers..loook !!!’ .. and he took a bite of his eraser.

He did not really eat that, he just took a bite and must have thrown it out later. But he convinced me that he could eat erasers.

Since then , he would keep taking my eraser and he would sat, I ate it… and I would have no eraser.

I could not even ask for new eraser at home because my current one that he took, used to be new one already. On the other hand I genuinely believed that he ate it so I could not also ask him for one.

I was little child, I did not know all this fights and all.. ( even If I knew I would not have done that ..hahaha).

The other day my mom noticed this … that my ever new eraser goes somewhere and she enquired about it and I told everything as is .. Hahahahha.

Mom came to school with me and asked that student to show how he eats erasers …hahahahha.

He confessed and returned all my erasers .. Yayyyyyy !!!! hahahahahaha.