Fair and fare

We used to have fair at the end of every year. It used to be in the last week of the year.

Going to the fair was awesome super exciting for us. Because there used to be so many toys and sweets and circus and what not.

I remember how I used to ask my brother what he is going to buy in the fair so that I could decide what should I buy. I used to decide that I would buy the Police jeep. It was my favorite car and my brother would say, he would buy a pistol.

Going to the fair used to have another level of preparation. We used to take out our sweaters ( this is just about my brother and me okay! not my parents), we used to make sure that out shoes and all are clean…

I used to tell my papa that we will go by foot so that we would get more time to enjoy. Hahaha .. I remember, we use to promise papa that we will be with him for the whole time and won’t run anywhere ..

The moment we enter there, we both used to be super excited, we used to be so confused that I would wait and think of what should I buy … this ? or that !! hahahahah.

I remember we were walking by shops, looking at all the toys and we reached end where there were some real horses tie to a rope. I thought they are also for sale. So I looked at my papa and said, ‘I promise I won’t buy anything in next few fair but lets have this horse for me… can we?’

Everyone around started laughing so as me.. I really wished those were for sale. I did not like to eat much in there but I always wanted to watch ‘Maut ka kua’ there…

Those 3-4 hours used to be overwhelmingly beautiful. Like I was happy to buy just one car there but what I always like is to be among so many toys .. I always enjoyed looking at all of those …


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