First visit to the city

I was sitting out at night for a while. As it was very calm outside and there was this awesome breeze .. I was liking that environment. I was just sitting there and I remembered how I dealt with my loneliness when I was new to the city.

I remember when I first day to Pune. I had been there to enroll for my Masters at Pune university. I also had to cancel my admission to one of the other colleges there.

My father being a bus conductor, he couldn’t be there with me, neither was there anyone to join with me .. I mean none of my classmates, mummy, brother .. No one.

Like I know, You would say, I’m a man, why would I need someone to be with me but that’s not the case. I had some cash with me for my admission, I had all my important documents with me, I knew nothing about Pune .. I wanted someone to be there.

But yes.. no offense. I came to Pune. That was first time I heard ‘Shivajinagar’. I did not know how to go to university. So I asked for an auto. He said the fare would be Rs.300. I said okay ! I’ll go by foot.. and I did. It’s about 2-3 kilometers.

The problem was that I had a lot to carry so I went on looking at malls, tall buildings , the traffic so that I’ll get distracted and would be able to walk little more.

While I was in the middle of my way, suddenly it started raining too. There wasn’t much to hide, so I hid under the tree making sure that my bag does not get wet because it had the documents and cash too… in those efforts, I was totally wet except my bag…

And other things continued… finding the department, going by walk.. I already had travelled for 9 hours so was very tired… There was time when I wanted to drink some water but my bottle was empty. I had gone long in the university but I knew I won’t be able to go ahead without it so I preferred coming back out again, I bought bisleri and went back in..with all my luggage.

When I went to the department, I remember I was totally wet, I did not feel it right to go in with that avtar so I waiting there for a while till my dress dried. Finally my number came and I did all my admission by myself…

It was 5 PM I remember, I had eaten last night. My mom had packed tiffin for me but I did not want to eat it in the bus so I kept it…As admission process was done, I thought I will sit somewhere and will eat my tiffin.

But No! It started raining again. I couldn’t sit anywhere, none of the department had started yet. I was super hungry by then so I stayed under one of the trees along with my luggage, took out my tiffin and ate it standing..because there was nothing to sit.

Anyways.. although I don’t mind sharing my experiences, I don’t these to be expressed/understood as my efforts…

So I somehow ate, the rain had stopped so I went to the university gate. I looked at the traffic…I just love looking at the traffic.

I thought of spending some time there as I had nothing to stay, I had to go back again without staying anywhere so I sat there at the agate, absolutely enjoyed looking at the traffic…

That beautiful evening, Sun was about to go down, those traffic lights, firing of vehicles …and that traffic .. wooow !! Just beauuuuuuuuuutiful …

I enjoyed sitting there … It kind of dissolved all my tiredness and energized me back.. I knew, living here is going to be awesome because I thought I would come out to the gate to enjoy sitting at the same place looking at the traffic…every time I felt alone.

So no matter how tired I was by walking this much, I took my bag and walked to Shivajinagar and the next 9 hours of journey continued.

Everytime I travel, especially at night when bus rests at some restaurant for dinner .. I absolutely love getting out, walking little by the highway .. I love that sound cars make when they speed along the highway .. Wooowww !!


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