Happy days with animals

When I was a child, I always wanted that I should have all the animals in the world to me.. the real ones.

That’s why I always liked to be at our hometown because we always had couple of cows, goats, dogs, oxes, cats, birds there .. and I used to be with them.

I would just roam around in the field for the whole day, observing all different things my uncle had to do in the field in order to grow something.

I used to climb trees and used to sit there because then I could see everything from the top. I remember there was a cow that used to be very angry all the time. She used to hit everyone except me.

I genuinely don’t know why but she never hit me. There was her calf though that used to hit me a lot but she never did.

Being there was fun. Of course those animals were not trained so at times they had to be taught a lesson for their mistakes.

E.g. the two bulls we had, they often used to fight with each other for some reason and it wasn’t good for them as there were chances that they would fight hard and enjure themselves.

So my cousin used to beat them ( not every time though, he was not playing devils) and I used to cry because I never liked that. I mean I was too young to understand why is he beating them.

So yeah, being there was fun. I really enjoyed those days. I remember how I used to wait for my exams to end so that I would get to be…

Nice memories.


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