Hey there …

Hey, Sorry ..sorry !!!

I know, I’m supposed to be telling stories here and We’re supposed to be happy discussing about the childhood stories that you always liked …

But all things life is all about talking about things that I always wanted to discuss with you. It’s not just about stories. It’s about having that permanent bond at least here between us .. a bond that has nothing to do with who, where and how we are.

This will always be a place to share things about my life so that you will always enjoy going through those as you always did and liked.

I don’t know what happens to me sometimes but sometimes I just wanna keep everything shut. I just want to sit somewhere which also gets boring ..

I feel like I should talk to myself, I don’t even like to get up and have some walk, I don’t like to get up and look out .. I don’t really wanna do anything but at the same time my mind does know that it can’t be that I’m not doing anything because that’s out of my principles, I like to remain busy…the only time I liked to pass time was with you readers ..

So I really get trapped between that mood of wanted to do nothing and the conflict of my mind telling me that I can’t simply sit.

I’m not sure why my mood swings so much but I simply don’t know ..

As I said, I sometimes really wonder If I’m going mad !!! I don’t want to .. I mean not because I’m afraid of it but because it’s not the right time to go mad … I wanna be there !!!

wuh ! I’m okay .. let’s forget all that I talked !!!

No matter how great memories were, there’s one thing that’s for sure… no matter how bad it goes, deep inside, my mind knows that these moments are always there to me to cherish and as beautiful as those were, it’s equally filled with regret of not being able to revive those back …

My mind says, ‘It’s all there for a reason !!! ‘

and I believe that !!! I believe my mind, it’s going to be believed forever now !!!

There are these kind of time to time events in life that are hard to keep aside in daily life. Those things keep shaping me to who I am !!! I don’t care how do I get shaped .. It all credits to God 🙂!!!

Anyways, I’ll keep talking .. it’s a topic I can talk forever on 🙂. So don’t mind about the previous article. I was really stressed out and I wanted to express. None of that was offensive though, I just meant that I’m feeling bored.. talk to me !!!

But everyone has got all the freedom from me. So I did know that it’s a weekend … and things could be busy ..so no worries.. I understand that 🙂 .

If there’s one thing you readers can do for me, it’s that you take care of yourself. I know there probably could be guests at home on Saturdays or Sundays but keep distancing, keep your hands washed, use sanitizers regularly …

Please do that ….


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