High-school fun

High-school fun

Do you remember how students go early on the first day of new standard? They rush to the class so that they can book their benches and thereby they get to sit on the same bench for rest of the year.

During my high school days, we were a gang of around 7-10 left handers who all were in the same class and we never hurried to the class to get benches. We went relaxed, after everyone decided their place, we had our own last bench row set for all left handers.

We had no problem as such with right handers but if your bench-mate is right handed, he would write with his right hand and you would write with your left, so both can’t write.

I remember our Sanskrit teacher was super strict. He would come to class everyday, his class used to be the last class of the day, he would come in, let everyone stand up, and would ask random sanskrit questions from last class.

If you answered, you would get to sit down, else you will be punished. I swear, I could never was able to answer any of his question and would be punished every single day. Good thing was, I wasn’t the only one 😆.

He would hit with stick on our hands, we would have this punishment every days but kya karein, ata hi nahi tha sanskrit. It wasn’t like we did like getting hit, it was that we couldn’t answer when stuff was asked randomly.

On every of his lecture, I remember how I used to convince myself that this is the last lecture of today so let’s not worry, it’s okay !! Hahahah.

We had some exam and I got the bench next to the door, close enough that if someone enters, I was the first student he would look at. During exams, we used to have our seniors besides us.

So me and my senior, we were sitting on the bench next to the door and just out of fun, he was saying me that if he raise his foot like this and stretch a bit further, anyone who comes in the class would fall.

He was just acting, showing me again and again .. and we both did not realize that first person to enter class then was a teacher, teacher passed by the door and this senior stretched his leg from below the bench ..

Hahahah, teacher really fell down. I understand, I should not have laughed but I could never control my laugh and then what !! I got my question paper late by 10 minutes as a punishment. 😆

I was mad !!!!

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