Hostel Diaries 2

I remember when I was in hostel, almost all our hostels had bed bugs. Usually hostels with bed bugs is a common thing, but we used to be very irritated by them.

We used to take a lot of care for it, we used to wash our room every once in two weeks, we used to spray petrol in the room etc but none of that really worked 100%.

It used to limit those bugs at some extent and then it be bugs all over again .. We had hard time living there when we were juniors. The senior hostels were better so they almost had no bugs.

When we were juniors, everyday we used to keep a jar of raw water with us in the room and whoever finds a bug, he would pick it up and let it die in the water. We had no option.

If we did not do that, they won’t let us sleep… they would keep biting us in the blanket or even on the chairs. Some of us had those bugs in the USB drives too.

We easily used to catch no less than 200-300 of them per night in our jar of water. You can’t kill them because if you do, they smell like anything. So the only option was to put them in water.

I remember that day when we slept for the whole night and in the morning when we got up and we folded our blankets, there was small snake inside our blanket and we were with it for the whole night .. Hahahahha.

This was so because at the back of our hostel was a big hill ( hill where I used to spend my hours or two in a week. So there were these little snakes, rats, bed bugs, bandicoots and what not ..we had everything ..

And if that was not enough, almost both of the glasses of our windows were broken .. so we had patched it with cardboards.

Everytime I went home, I had no entry without keeping my bag outside for a while. So those bugs would go out with heat.

Hahaha .. we were waiting to be senior hahahaha and when we became seniors, they said, we won’t be getting those hostels anymore, those hostels got reserved for foreigners.

We still got a room better than before though .. living there was not that easy but we knew that we aren’t alone .. so we somehow had adjusted with that environment.

I wasn’t that irritated because for most of the time, I hardly used to be in the room ( except weekends).

Hahaha I remember, we used to call our room as white house hahaha because we were around 20 students, we had around 5-6 rooms in total but our rooms were just as a storage ..

No one lived separately …

We all 20 students used to be living in just one room. Can you imagine that ? we used to sleep 20 students in one room .. Wooow!!! We literally used to sleep wherever we got the place to sleep.

I, with one of my friend, used to be studying little more so, my sleeping place was on the table. I would sit besides the table for study. Once done, I used to sleep on the same table…

No one took my place because sleeping on the table was little tricky .. It was little narrow, so If you slide a little in the sleep, you would definitely fracture something of the students below you ….hahahaha….

Good thing was .. I sleep like dead. I don’t move even by an inch in my sleep.. So table was perfect place for me..


However it was, those days were awesome with my roommates. We still talk about those days on our whatsapp group !!!

Happy days …