Hostel Madness

I was sitting out at night yesterday. I was looking at the sky and suddenly I remembered, how I used to sit out under tree for hours because I was alone, everyone around me was uninteresting, unknown …

I remember, on our first day at hostel, we needed a bucket but we did not know where could we get that so we directly went to central mall and bought one for Rs.300 😆.

There are a lot memories from hostel but I would like to walk you through one here.

During initial days when I frequently got bored, I would take my Rubix cube or my laptop and would start coding. I was coding an app that can measure my steps just with my phone in my pocket and no extra sensors.

The idea was that your phone moves in specific pattern in your pocket when you walk, so detect those patterns and count them as steps. I was testing it, for debug purpose, I had a short tone of ankle bell coded in the app that would sound every time when step was detected.

Hahaha, I was coding this at night at around 12/1 AM I guess and one of the friends heard that sound of ghungroos. Coincidentally I was testing it in the dark then so he got frightened…

chum !!! chum !!! chum !!!

He laughed a lot when he found that it’s me, he came to me and asked me about it and took that app on his phone too ( not to count steps, he was definitely fascinated by the sound of those ghungroos hahha)

On the next day, that app was there in the whole hostel, hahaha everyone had it at night and were walking with it…

Whole hostel was like chum !!! chum !!! chum !!! …😆 No one knew what was happening, someone was sounding them at dogs, some were sounding it on the roof, in the corridor, I heard it in the bathroom as well 😆

I was coding it for step counts and it got spread as Manjulika ghungroos.

A student who took it from me at first, he was in other world, he was from music department, he came to me and asked me to give him more control over the length of ghungroos sound… so that he can, shake it in hand and use it as music instrument … Dewaaaaa !!!

So many students were sounding at a time that even our guards came down to see what’s happening …

When guards came, the illegal students thought its a raid, they started running randomly … someone’s taking his blanket and running out, someone was sleeping out, he woke up and started running !!!

When asked about ghungroo sound, some of us started making stories, they said they saw a girl in black saree going on the hill .. some said, they heard those sounds in the bathroom, some heard in the corridor… Some said, there must be some evil shakti in hostel area 😆

And some were still doing chum !! chum !! chum !!! … Oh Godddd !!!

and me? I was in other level of shock, that this all is going to come to me and I’m going to get restigated. 😆

Guards came, they could not believe that it was an app that was sounding it, they were very sure that something fishy was going on 😆. They started checking everyone’s room.

and when they did, students were not really worried about them getting caught with ghungroo thing, they were more worried about getting their heaters, irons caught.

I was on the terrace, looking at this whole thing from above 😆. I literally stopped working on that project after that incident 😆😆

Those who heard that there’s this girl in black that goes on the hill every night, they all stopped sleeping out Hahahahhaha…. like our terrace used to be full with students, it was empty since then 😆

No one except that one music guy knew that I had accidently developed that app but somehow it spread almost everywhere later that it was an app made by someone.. It was an awesome feeling to hear it from my roommates telling me that it was an app developed by someone !!!

Crazy days !!!


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