How I looked like!!

If there’s one thing I did not care in my childhood was ‘How I looked.’. Of course I already looked smart but It’s that I did not care about my looks much.


Because my mom used to comb my hair after my bath she would pour hair oil on my head and comb my hair very flat. So flat that everyone else forgot how naughty I was.

My hair are very thin so every time I asked her why I have so thin hair, she always answered that my hair aren’t thin, it’s just that my forehead is big and she said that’s good because big forehead means you’re lucky.

Hahaha .. I always believed it and then started liking my flat hair style. As I grew up, I used to have military hair cut so that I would never have to worry about getting my hair disturbed…

as I grew more, in my 10th and 12th, I changed my hairstyle to something very updated but still it had got into my nerves that I genuinely never cared how I looked like..

Not only that but not worrying about how I look had lot of advantages. Advantages such as I could get wet in the rain and would still attend classes without worrying my hairstyle being disturbed after getting dry..

or I didn’t have to care about sitting back on the bike and worrying about disturbing it. I always was as I was. I was like whoever wants to be with me, be with me else you can choose not to be with me.. and I was fine with it. I had to be .. I have learnt to keep zero expectations from everyone 🙂

Well, do you know how I look like today?

Anyways, haha .. hope you had a great day. Enjoy 🙂


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