I can’t stay still

We were having our dinner tonight an I was swaying back and forth which eating. My mom noticed it and smiled at me. I did not get much so I smiled back and asked her the reason to smile.

She said, my habit of swaying continues from my childhood days. When I was child, I could hardly stay quiet. I always need something to play with or I would sleep. My hands were never to rest.

I would either be hitting them on the floor or I would be playing with my tongue, or I would be counting fingers of my legs .. I was never calm except while sleeping.

Even while eating I could not keep my other hand still. I would keep banging it on my lap while I eat. Even today, I can’t sit still. I always need something to do. Let it be moving my finger, but I always need something to do, or I would go to sleep.

Mom said, she used to give me something to play in the morning and I would keep playing with it for the whole day without getting bored.

She looked at father and said, ‘See, your son still sways’. Hahaha