I tend to forget things

I very forgetful person. I mean it’s not that I forget everything but I tend to forget things that I don’t need or things that don’t interest me…

I remember I never had my hall ticket there to me during the result declaration date, neither I ever remembered my exam/hall ticket number. 😆

I think I was in 9th, our exams were going on and I did not remember which was the next paper so one my friends needed maths book and I gave it to him without realizing that there was my maths exam the next day ..Hahahah. I still did not take it back from him though .. I knew me leke bhi kitna hi maths kar leta…

When I was in school, I used to forget that I had my cycle with me .. I used to forget that and used to come back home and then I would remember that I had my cycle with me today..😆

I usually forget birthdays, I forget days, weeks, I don’t remember occasions and what not ..

I don’t even worry much about it.. it’s not really my forgetfulness… it’s more about my brain keeping what’s really needed and discarding all that’s not required to be there so that it can make some room for new things.

I don’t really mean to say I’m different..neither I am. It’s just something I wanted to refresh my memories about .. looking in the past … I really forget a lot !!!

If there’s one thing I have forgotten the most .. it’s the roads. No matter how many times I pass by roads, I don’t remember where did we come from and which direction we’re going and what’s the next stop .. I takes me long to get acquainted about roads and areas..

I remember how many times in my childhood I used to be confused about my brother hahahahahha …

Like I was too small to remember how he looks like but still, it was hard times for me to remember how my brother looks like .. so I used to call refer everyone as my brother.😆