Lab practicals fun

Lab practicals fun

We had super crazy group of friends in 12th. We were around 10-15 friends and we had one thing in common. We all were super naughty.

I remember, our chemistry practicals was one of the high spirit events for us. No one ever cared which practical they’re doing, which solution they are mixing. We were careful enough not to mix anything but our scientist mindset would make us do that.

Not me of course, I had no courage as my uncle was clerk in the same collage but my other friends used to experiment with those chemical solutions. One of us went little far and added Hydrochloric acid into one of the storage jars in the lab. We did not know which solution was stored in the jar but it all turned blue in matter of seconds and got frozen to ice.

Hahaha one of the crazy ones of us, he would take his notebook and would go to random students desk as if he is an external supervisor.. and he would start asking random questions as if its a viva.. and the fun fact was, students used to enjoy that, they would respond as if its a real viva and they don’t know the answer. hahahaha… crazy !!!!

Neither his question made any sense nor the answer of the student ever made any sense to him πŸ˜„.

This thing wasn’t just with Chemistry practical, it was same for every other practicals. Even during our computer practicals, one of us had wireless mouse. He would plug the mouse usb to any random computer and would sit somewhere and start controlling that computer with his mouse.

The one who used to be sitting on that PC, he used to have no idea of how is his mouse moving, he would just be surprised and keep looking at what’s happening. This guy would operate his PC like anything. He would open Chrome , close it, save his program, close the Editor, open up taskbar, mute speakers ..hahaha at times, he would open up task bar and hover over to ‘shut down’ ( he won’t click, he would just hover)…. Hahahha.

They even spread rumor that there’s virus in each of these PC’s that controls mouse. .. One day our lab assistant spared some time and reflashed all the PC’s believing that there are viruses in all the systems.

We also had one issue with our computer practicals. Every time we went into the lab, the computer on which you will get to sit was never fixed. Everytime you would get different system to sit on and you will do your practicals.

The problem was when mam would come to us and ask for previous practicals. We almost never remembered which system did we sit on last time. So we thought of solving this.

We all thought on it and we had an awesome solution that worked every single time. I created a program that would write our practical programs. So basically when mam is asking your neighbour about the last time program, you know what was the last practical so you just run my utility program, it would give you options, you just select option to last practical and my program would go ahead, write that program in separate file automatically and would keep it compiled for me.

So as soon as mam come, I would just have to open that code and run it. That’s it and thereby everyone of us could show any program at any time. We had that utility loaded on almost all systems. hahahha. Awesome !!!!

Even for Physics practicals, hahahah Lets say we had practical where we need to measure the temperature of something with thermometer. The process was that ee would take 10-20 readings of temperate from thermometer, compare it with expected readings , calculate the difference and that difference should be as less as possible..

We were so lazy to do those practicals that we would start from the end. We would take a look at someone else’s sheet, we would see how his readings are, we would try to find correlation between inputs and outputs, and would come up with a reverse formula that would take us from Output reading tolerance to Input observed and expected values.

So we did not had to do practicals, we would spend our time to figure out that correlation and that reverse formula in which you just put what output do you want and it will tell you what should be the input values hahahaha.

None of this makes much sense now but back then, we used to be this mad…

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