life of sorrows

We all love to share things in our life at some point, but for me, there were times when I was absolutely silent. Like I had nothing to owe to the world. Being an overthinker or being an introvert, things happening in my life doesn’t get overrated/unnoticed.

This isn’t a blame to anyone but whatever my life has been shaping since years, I love being sad than being happy. It’s like being sad keeps me happy. It’s not that I intentionally do things that are bad to get happiness, after-all we all are humans, we seek happiness… I am more like If I got two options sad and happy, I’ll always choose sadness.

It doesn’t even mean that my life has been poor. It’s just the way I am.

I love being alone, not disturbing anyone with my presence and not getting disturbed by anyone, I love nights more than mornings, because they represent end of the day …

The more you keep thinking, the more you realize that we’re humans and its given that our life is going to be full of mistakes, sadness, sorrows, cries and all negative things than occasional positive things .. positive things that keep us forget sadness for some time and help us live life…

It does make sense then that we need to embrace negativity too as it feels more of your life than happiness.