Life Stories

Life Stories

Airplane in the sky

Lighting Chulha: The most painful job

Diamonds alongside the road

My dog and me, a beautiful company

The time behind the time machine

Sitting with god

Absolute peace of mind

Life of sorrows


Puppies on the ground

I don’t want to go to the school

A dream of games

Dragonfly laying golden eggs

Sleeping in/on the chair

The great undertaker

A kidnapper’s car

My perfect Marathi 😉

My childhood skill

My house and a field

Crazy fears

My toys & me

My doggy biscuits

My father’s cycle, me and the wound

Reindeer on our ceiling

My childhood entertainment

Fight fight fight

High-school fun

My precious gems

Cassette player head and me

The joy of playing

Door lock and my sister

Sorat, milk packet and me

My hilarious childhood beliefs

The lost lane and my grandma

When phones were fun

A peddler and my brother

Mirror and me

Big tiger in the school


me !!! yeah me !!!

Eclipse, School bell & Me

College fun

Slingshot, guava, tomatoes and more fun in field


Uncle, can I sit besides you?

My fickle mind

Hostel madness

My Comfy blanket

My childhood forgetfulness

College dress code

Huh! Okay…

That beautiful butterfly

‘Me time’ for me

Hostel diaries

Naughty me

When I got my first computer

Hostel days 2

I can’t stay still

Nokia 1100: First phone in the family

Bathing only in bath tub

Spice kitchen

What did I want to be?

My excuses for staying at home

The kiss

The mysterical rocks

The other family

Those precious rocks

My vacation to Israel

Team MMB: Me Mom and Brother

That awesome feeling

The magical expectation

It’s great to be there

Lab practicals fun

Breaking out in a cold sweat

Why dogs cry at night

That devil in front of my face

Sometimes …

First visit to the city

High school prayers


Ssssshhhhhhhhhhh …

Hey there …

Hostel diaries 2

A silent child

Aloe-vera and the spikes

The folded wish

The matchstick box

Fair and fare

My papa?

Hostel diaries 3

My childhood beliefs

Bud to flower

The secret vault

A charming experience

I dreamed about a big water tank

A call at 3 AM in the morning

The lucky mynas

Our radio and my favorite song

Lathi Prasad …

Fight with my brother

I tend to forget things

The bundi prasad

That brave day


My obsession with blue

Natgeo ants

Eraser eater

Mystery of second hand

My closest encounter to an angry doggie

So yes, I will write

Happy days with animals

How I looked like!!

My angry friend

A bus conductor

Wounds ache hote hei

Hostel Diaries 4

50 things we two observed yesterday

My new degree

Childhood funnn

Fishes in the tank

A friend in need

Our childhood properties

Hostel Diaries 5

Story of a ghost house

The master key

Blink snap

One thing childhood

A healthy fight

The shortest

My masters

High school dance class


The most boring thing at hostel

Our class teacher

Childhood fears

Falcon Heavy

My blue watch

My achievements & Me

Drumsticks, me and brother

An imaginary home

My big brother

Coffee machine in the office

Little more

My special powers

My computer class

Story of my first unofficial phone

Our clean and neat kitchen

That frightening night

My lock picks

News-paper distributor

Time in isolation

A love letter

My slate pencils and chalks

Tattoo on my leg

Friends in need

Screw and a magnet

My special powers

New in the class

Blanket on me

Being in the world

Riding avenger

Kabhi kabhi …

Geany in the house