Life Stories

Airplane in the sky

Lighting Chulha: The most painful job

Diamonds alongside the road

My dog and me, a beautiful company

The time behind the time machine

Sitting with god

Absolute peace of mind

Life of sorrows


Puppies on the ground

I don’t want to go to the school

A dream of games

Dragonfly laying golden eggs

Sleeping in/on the chair

The great undertaker

A kidnapper’s car

My perfect Marathi 😉

My childhood skill

My house and a field

Crazy fears

My toys & me

My doggy biscuits

My father’s cycle, me and the wound

Reindeer on our ceiling

My childhood entertainment

Fight fight fight

High-school fun

My precious gems

Cassette player head and me

The joy of playing

Door lock and my sister

Sorat, milk packet and me

My hilarious childhood beliefs

The lost lane and my grandma

When phones were fun

A peddler and my brother