Little more

I’m very thin but I eat enough. I wasn’t the case in my childhood.

I used to eat very little but every time I saw my mom, I used to be always worried if what she is cooking will be enough or not.

So I would go by her side and I would ask her to cook little more.

This worry continues till date. Even today I worry about the same when my mom cooks something. I always go and make sure that I ask her to cook little more.

She doesn’t listen to me unless it’s khichdi, biryani, matki, poha etc. because she knows that I just ask her, when it comes to eating, I eat normal, so she would cook as planned..馃槂

At times she would hold my hand and would ask me to leave the kitchen and not to worry about having less… she says, ‘Hummese koi nahi khayega ..sbb tu kha ja .. ok? abb khush? ‘ Hahahahaha…

She calls me ‘Bakasur’ .