The lost lane and my grandma

Even when I was 8-10 years old, I was really bad at remembering roads. I remember how many times I got lost while playing, while going to school, during our recess and what not !!!

I was super forgetting. I would be playing in our lane, we would be playing hide and sick, I would run to the next lane and would forget on which direction was my home.

I went to school every single day but still when we went to trek somewhere and came back to school, I used to forget direction to home 😆.

Every time I became late, my mother knew that I had lost my way.

I remember, I was with my grandmother for some ‘Pravachan’. We were listening and suddenly someone shouted that there’s a snake in the room. Everyone started running out…including my grandmother. I had hold her hand but then it was so much rush that I lost her and found myself stuck in the crowd.

I did not cry, I just started looking out and saw a policeman asking everyone to calm down. I went to him and said that I’m lost. I was too young to be able to tell my parents name, especially my grandmothers name. Whatever description I gave about her, every other woman matched with that description..Hahahahha

At last they decided to announce by my name and then my grandmother got me. hahaha