Meethi Boliyaan

Meethi Boliyaan

You know, one of the principles I have is to be aware of my time. I always do what I like and I can spend as much time as I want with the things I like but at the same time I hate spending my time doing things I don’t like.

I remember, It was daily commute for me from my location to office. I had to wait at the bus stop, bus would come after 10 minutes and It used to be full.

I remember, the moment I noticed this in first few days, I started looking for the closest bus depot around, started my day little early so that rather than waiting at bus stop, I would go back to the bus depot in that time and I would get to walk as well, plus my commute was in the morning so going back few miles to the depot in the morning was always awesome thing for me.

The other benefit was, since that bus would start from the depot, I would get my sit right from the start and I won’t have to stand up for the whole journey, which was super annoying.

I made this things as my schedule as long as I lived there and made sure that I always follow it and of course, I did enjoy.

I like riding in the city bus but I want it to be worryless. I mean you have to worry about getting up a stop before, you have to worry about getting your seat, you have to worry about taking a ticket etc.

So going back to the depot was perfect option for me, It was ulta, I know..but then I did not had to worry about the crowd, the seat and the ticket and my journey used to be awesome.

Other thing I always liked to do is to give myself journey surprises.

What I would do is I would choose a busy bus stop, I would get into any empty bus, I would intentionally not read the bus board, I would just get in, get a full day pass ( so I won’t have to worry about ticket) and I would just sit in the bus… letting it go wherever it wanted to go …

I always enjoyed doing this because 1. That bus always took me to the random location that I had never seen before and 2. I would enjoy looking out, without worry about getting down… I would get down at the last bus stop .. WOooowww !!!

Going on a ride to the location unknown to yourself has always been awesommmeeee !!!

I would literally go to central bus depot (म न पा), choose any random number, count the buses to that number and whichever bus that count ends on, I would get into that bus…

Woooww ! I would do this once in a week. A bit of a talk and a lot of continuous travel for the whole day always made my day.

There was just one song I always enjoyed listening to, in my journey…”Meethi Boliyaan…

Sometimes, crying a little feels a lot better …

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