Most boring thing at hostel

One of the most boring things in the hostel was washing cloths. It was boring important but yet there hardly were days when I had willingly gone and washed my cloths.

I’m sure it wasn’t just me at hostel thinking this way, there were many of us did not like washing.. it was boring job yaar.

Alas, it was important so I decided that I will wash a dress a day so that I’ll keep following ‘washing a dress a day’ cycle and thereby I won’t have to wash bunch of cloths at a time.

To be honest, I followed that schedule hardly for a week and then I stopped doing that too and came up with another plan. I would wash cloths at night so that by that time I would have been done with everything and I won’t mind washing cloths and then sleeping with peace..

Hahah .. as good as that idea looked, I couldn’t follow it. Washing cloths at 12 AM was too difficult to follow. and waisebhi I always had priority to studying than washing cloths ..

so what did I do? I had another plan that mostly worked .. at least it eased my job.

The idea was to get many cloths, get them washed from home and use them one by one …. get some of them washed at hostel ( as per my mood) and get remaining back to home for washing …. hahahaha ..

The other discouraging issue for washing cloths was that I not the only one, there were other students who also had plans along the same line so almost all bathrooms used to be full at night and early morning ..

huh !! anyways .. plan C worked well for me, and I eased my moms job by washing some at hostel ..

I still remember, one my first day of washing my jeans. I did not know how to wash it so I applied as much soap as I can and simply rubbed it with brush… obviously my jeans wasn’t meant to be washed that way so its color started coming out ..

The more I looked at that blue water more I became confident that my pant is getting clean

So I applied some more soap .. and kept washing.. and then next day I realized that my blue jeans is not almost white jeans .. Hahahaha ..

and guess what. I had washed 3 of my jeans in the same way …Hahahahaha

crazy me !!