My Achievements & Me

There were times in life when I did not like to take credits over my work. I mean I was like ‘I did it because I liked it and others should not technically take the advantage of my work but even if they do, that won’t make them rich, so I’m okay!’.

When I got my first internship at imagination technologies ( the company that made GPU’s of Apple phones), the CEO and me, we sat at my desk and as a part of our discussion, he said, ‘you know, you can achieve much in life if you don’t mind doing the work and giving someone else the credit but there are two type of people. The ones who do the work and those who take the credit. Be in the first category, he said. Because there is less competition there’ ..

And I liked that. I like to be that guy who work on things and is really proud of what he has achieved. I mean, you call me dumb but I really don’t mind putting my achievements to people. Not to everyone, of course but there are people whom I can go and talk about all the things I achieved without making it look like self admiration.

I remember when I was working as intern ( not at Imagination technologies, the next one), I had built a classifier. It worked well, it had good accuracy numbers and according to me, it was amazing. So I showed it to the VP at that time and he got impressed.

I did not understand it’s significance from business perspective but he did. He called out CEO of our company as well as the parent company to take a look at the utility I made.

When both of those CEO took time and came at my desk … Woooooww !! Everyone was just like wooo ! What did he do? How come both CEO’s are here at an interns desk !!! Everyone was amazed…

They both saw the demo of my utility and one of them booked a time slot for me to talk to him. The next Monday, I got special cab from him and I reach to the parent company and to his cabin.

I sat down, I was little nervous. He said, ‘You know why you’re here?’ .. I said, ‘No, but I’m assuming I built some utility that seems to be a good problem to solve and that could be useful for company.’..

He said, ‘No! He said, I came to your desk, I looked at the utility, I looked at your results and those were great. But it taught me a lesson.’

He said ‘You know, we’ve given a separate contract to a third party to solve this problem for us and they have super complex solution that works a bit but what you did is 100 times simpler than them and has better results than them, and that teaches me that you won’t have to look at every problem as a complex solution. There can be solved with simple approaches too. We should not overlook them..and your simple yet fine tuned approach is what impressed me’, he said.

And he send mail to let me sit in their office alone working more on the problem. He then hired special architect who got it all understood from me and he drove it further.



It really makes me feel proud at times. But at the same time I remain completely aware that it won’t take much for this proud to get converted to ego. So I just smile with myself, pet on my back, share with you and start working back ..

Awesome !!! 🙂 I don’t think I’m clever enough but I remain consistent with things and that makes me happy 🙂 … Happy with doing what I like.. I don’t really need credits. I like to portray as stories to some though :-).