My childhood skill …

I remember how naughty I was at times in my childhood days.

There used to be pigs in our colony, they used to cause lot of problems, they would eat anything, anywhere, they would make a mess of our garbage bins, they were annoying.

And then there was a tribe that would own those pigs and they would kill them, they would eat them. They even had their own tool to catch those pigs.

One of the interesting thing they would do to catch them was to disturb them. They would shout like “uuhhh …. uuuuhhhhhh …. uuuuuhhhh”. Pigs knew that someone has come to kill them and they would run crazy. And while they run, those people would throw this circular trap to the pigs and their neck would get stuck in it and they would get caught.

Those pigs were so used to their shouting that the moment pigs hear it, they would run instantly…and there I was. I learnt how to shout like them and I would shout exactly like those people and all the pigs would run away. My mom never had to chase them away, she would just call me, I would shout and they would run away .. Hahahaha !!

I did try doing opposite. One day I did try to cry just like those pigs do when they get caught. I went out and cried like one and all the pigs around gathered around me as if I’m holding one of their children. Hahahahaha….

Even yesterday, I saw some pigs here and tried shouting “uuh … uuuuhhhhh …uuuhhh” and hahah they ran like crazy !!! 😆

I’m mad !!!!


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