My computer class

I was excited about tech since childhood. By the time I was in my 10th, I already had completed many of the computer courses.

I mean I am not showcasing this off but I remember how excited I used to be to go to the computer class after my school. The last lecture in my school used to be like ‘yaaaar ye kab khatam hoga ..I want to gooo’..

We did not have computer back then so I used to come running home, I would not even eat. I used to just put off my bag and run away for class.

At times I have preferred my computer class over my school’s last lecture ..hahahaha. At school, I would say I’m not feeling well so I used to leave and join my computer class before time.

Back then, Saturday used to be gaming day in computer classes so it used to be totally full … and I never liked that people would stand behind my chair to reserve their turn after me so I had talked with the manager and had set my timing at the end of the day so that it would just be me along with teachers and some students.

hahaha .. somehow the other thing I remember is when I was child, I always wanted a horse ..The real one.

I always wished we had a horse. And I wanted my uncle to get it for me so every time he came to us, I would stop him at the door and would ask, ‘Did you buy my horse?’

hahahah.. and to it , he always said, ‘Yes, it’s on the way !!!’

Even today, when he comes, I ask him the same for fun…