My dog and me, a beautiful company

I was sitting in the balcony of new house, I waited for everyone to sleep and then sat on chair with peace. Looking out to those lighting buildings, the silence being broken down by the card on highway, those distant stars.

It all made me think of my childhood. I remember when I was child, I used to sit hours at night on our stairs, looking at stars, petting my dog, feeling the cold in winter.

Somehow me and my dog, we both liked being there, undisturbed by anyone, when rest of the world was sleeping. My dog actually used to wait for me to come out, it knew that I would be waiting for everyone to sleep, so it did know when to expect me to be out, so it never knocked the door.

While sitting on stairs, we had nothing to talk, we just enjoyed each others company, neither my dog ever wagged its tail, neither I played with it. We both just sat there, with my hand on his back, both looking out in the sky.

Somehow we both enjoyed being together, without a purpose.