My excuses for staying at home

Since childhood, it wasn’t that I hated going to school but I wouldn’t let go a chance to find some excuse and take a break from school for a day.

I remember how I used to tell me mom, just a minutes before actually going to school that I had a stomach ache and I can barely walk because of that and so can’t go to school.

Many excuses that I often gave were very innocent & stupid at the same time.. Hahaha. I would never think that the excuses I was giving ever made any sense.

We used to have lot of rain in our area. So this was obvious excuse for me that ‘mom, it’s raining so much. What if it rains even heavily and I might get caught in the rain..” ..

I would say ‘mom, forget about the rain, I don’t even think that I can cross this road in front of our house.’ hahaha… Being frank, even I knew that the water flowing through the road wasn’t much, but I always thought that my mom would get convinced and I would get to be at home.

My excuses were real stupid at time. I remember telling my mom that while I went to get something from the store, I saw a giant elephant along the way that was looking at me like ‘Hey…don’t you dare going to school 🐘’ πŸ˜…

or I would say, ‘you know mom, someone told me that our teacher isn’t feeling well today, so would it matter even If I go to school or not ?’ ..

or I would say, our dog asked me to stay home…Hahaha

At time I would even tell mom that papa asked me to stay home for today and take care of you. πŸ˜…

My mom would laugh at my excuses and the more she laughed, more I would try to convince her.

Hahahha .. I was crazy ..


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