My fickle mind

My fickle mind

When I was just few months old, I used to cry a lot, so much that for initial days, our neighbours used to come to use to see why am I crying…

Even while bathing, I would cry so much that I had to be wrapped quickly in the towel and taken out.

My mother’s milk had some nominal issues so it was causing little ache in my stomach. My uncle used to let me sit on his bicycle and we would then go on a ride till my mom would cook.

Sometimes I think of it and I salute my mom that she had taken so much care of mine and herself. She literally just had to eat selective vegetables ( just 1/2) for 2-3 years to improve quality of her milk. Whenever you feel like eating, just eat same vegetable.

And then she took lesson from this to take care more during the birth of my younger brother.

And then when I grew more, I became fickle by mind. If someone wanted me to stop crying, the only option for that person was to hold my hand ( I did not even like to be lifted up) and take me out or leave me alone.

When left out, I used to cry for a while and would start playing with something. I never slept in afternoon…I always needed something to play with…

Hahahaha .. you wonder how do I know this? I don’t !

My uncle talks to me about this sometimes… I love listening to it and I genuinely enjoy sharing those.

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