My house and a field …

My house and a field …

When I was at the age of 14-15, while other of my friends wanted to engineers and doctors, I always dreamed of having a small house, couple of cows and goats, I liked playing in the field with animals, especially with a pair of bulls and with our dog.

I’m not sure why but back then I was afraid of thieves. I always thought I would buy a small house that will look average from outside but It will have everything from inside, the best ever shiny paint, beautiful kitchen, It will have awesome dining and what not.

When I was in hostel during my masters, there was big hill behind my hostel. I always liked to go over there in my spare time. I would grab a packet of popcorns, I would pluck a flower, take a stick would wrap my handkerchief around my head, just like turban and would trek the whole hill on top.

I enjoyed exactly being like I wanted to be there. I would think hostel as my small house I wanted and that hill as my field as if I’m going there and grow something.

Every time I felt alone, I took some popcorns and went there, kept looking at the sky from top and sat there for as long as I wanted. I always enjoyed it 🙂.

a knowing wink and I realized, I’m the same today.

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