My little boat

I’ve been fan of automation since long. I mean I like the fact that one can get more time by machine do the job for you.

Even today, If I find something that I know I would have to do repeatedly, prefer writing some quick utility or script for than doing that job manually.

For me, this thing hasn’t been limited to just computer. I remember when I was a child, I hardly liked the paper boats that children used to play with in the flowing rain water…

I always wanted my boat to drive itself. Paper boats always needed flowing water so that it can flow with water …

Of course I hardly understood anything about physics at that time. I was hardly in my 4th standard I guess. What I would do is I would get 2 straight sticks, 3 rubber bands and two small sticks, almost half the size of rest of the two’s.

I would use 2 rubber bands to tie up both the ends of sticks together and expand the structure in the middle by placing one small stick between those sticks. Kind of making it a shape of boat…

It looked something like Theta symbol. θ

I would then wrap the remaining rubber band again in the middle and keep remaining smaller stick between and would twist the sticks, creating tension to the rubber.

I would hold the tension as is and would put my boat in the water. As soon as the boat would be placed, the rubber and thereby the stick in between would start unfolding.

The unfolding stick pushed the boat forward as it unfolded and that way, my boat would keep going till the rubber had tention.

I would then twist it again and it would keep going more. ..

It used to be so much fun…


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