My Obsession with blue

Blue, especially the navy blue color has been my favorite color. Since childhood I always thought that whatever I get, at least part of it should be blue if not the whole thing.

I remember how I did not like my watch because it was not blue. So I used to take my ink pen and color the whole glass of it with blue. The glass did not make it opaque, it used to be transparent blue. I could still see the time properly through it.

So every now and then I used to color my things with blue. If there was one incident where I made a mistake was that I tried to eat it.

I did not know colors have no taste so I wanted to taste blue. The obvious thing to use was my blue pen since I always had a blue pen. So I took one, opened it up, and took out the refill.

I cut the refill and got my hands dirty with it’s ink. I thought I’ll taste it. So I did. I did not taste it whole, of course .. I just took a little and put it on my tongue ..

I won’t ever recommend to do that and I wish no one else does that because it went into to my throat and it reacted so much that I wanted to vomit or I thought I will die right there…

Hahahahhaa … I tried drinking water but that did not help because you know, its too sticky ..

I took my handkerchief and cleaned my mouth it all .. I ate a piece of bhakri and then I felt little better.

hahaha .. I still remember how I felt then. It felt so hard that I never tried tasting any color.