My special powers

Sometimes I think of myself and think of how wishes-driven I was, how little things would matter to me and how I myself was a source of happiness for me.

I would always be the one to step back and be happy with what I had. At the same time, I always wanted to be the one who is strong in every sense.

I have talked about how I used to try different gestures just to see if there’s any special power I have that I don’t know of .. something like spyder man does. And that how I used to touch my pinky finger to a book nearby while sleeping just to see if it gets downloaded in my head overnight ..

Hahaha. I would get up next day and would read a sentence from the book and would try to see if I can recall to see if its downloaded.

There was another way I used to see if I’m strong enough. I would test myself with different experiments … things like when papa asked me to light a candle, I would try to spill little bit of melted candle on my palm and would try to tolerate the pain..

Or I would take a safety pin and used to penetrate it through my skin carefully without hurting any vain, just pure skin to see how well does it hurt me ..

I mean it feels stupid but my genuine intention was to see If I have some special power that I don’t know of ..

Hahaha .. simple things like opening door, I would try to tap the door with every finger ( like I was always okay to wait till I try with all my fingers) just to see if tapping opens door for me.

hahaha .. I used to try lot of such things and that continues even today. Even today I keep on trying different things just out of curiosity though I don’t believe, I like to try…



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