My vacation to ISRAEL

I remember I was sitting in my class, I was in 2nd standard I guess. It was painting class. Everyone was drawing something. So as me.

I think I had drawn “a wooden drawer”. I was painting it. I had a crayon in my hand. My teacher looked at me and said .. which color is this ?

I was silent. I just kept looking at her.

Red. say ‘red’ !!!, she continued.

I was still silent. Just looking at her.

If he doesn’t start talking soon, he will need speech therapy ( she murmured) Why are you not speaking?, she said..

It’s not Red, its Maroon . 🤣 , I answered and kept looking at her. She laughed like anything.

I was super childish and silent at the same time ..

When I was in third standard, I spend almost half the year telling my friends about my trip to israel. I also taught them English. I had never been to Israel and I know zero English .. Hahaha

A teacher spotted me talking something garbage by the name of teaching English.

What are you talking about? I did not see it’s teacher. I said, ‘Don’t disturb..we’re learning something..’.I couldn’t say learning English because I knew it wasn’t ..hahaha

I have been the way I wanted…

I remember, Our school used to provide us with a kilo of rice monthly under some improvement program and I always thought about “why my school is giving me rice? Aren’t they supposed to cook Khichdi and distribute it to all?” … I would refuse to take rice so my teacher would put it in my bag when I wasn’t around.

Hahah … Crazy days.