Mystery of second hand

Even when I was a child, I was not an easy child to go to. No matter what one told me, I always had questions till I understood it completely.

I remember, there was a time when I looked at the watch and I wanted to know hows the second hand of the clock ticks exactly at every second…

I thought I will open up the our wall clock, I will remember where every part came from, I will see the mechanism inside and will put it back. Hahahha. I knew nothing. I was in 4th standard I think.

I opened it, kept every other part separated, I was too young to understand anything inside. I checked everything but I could not understand. I thought I will ask papa but I had done this without him knowing .. so now it was my responsibility to assemble it back.

Hahaha . there were around 100 parts. I could not remember the order. I understood I messed up.. I collected them all and just put the frame back with its hands pointing to 12 O’clock.

I told papa what happened and he fixed it later. But I hadn’t got the answer to the question.

So for the second time, I took his permission with a promise that I will open up just half of it and If I couldn’t understand, I will set it back.

Hahahah .. I wasted almost every other clock in my childhood to know how second hand ticks at every second. I knew someone will tell me how it worked but I wanted to see it myself.

Hahaha… there used to be times where every clock in the home would point to different time and none of them was right ..Hahahha.

Papa literally had banned me from touching any clock in the house. I got it answer when I went to 6th grade I think, I got my own wrist watch.. I used it for a while and decided to open it. I was mature enough by then to remember parts and was able to assemble it back too ..

Clock is just one similar thing out of all things I tried to understand …