New in the class …

I remember how crazy we were when we were in high school.

For most of the part, the attendance in the class used to be a sheet with student names and bunch of squares on it.

During the class, the sheet used to be circulated in the class to each one of us to mark their own attendance. It was on the basis of being honest with yourself and mark your attendance either ‘P’ for present or ‘A’ for absent on given day.

And of course we were honest so we used to mark our attendance fairly well ( fairly is the important word here ..Hahaha)

The other day, the attendance came to me and I was marking on it. We had this habit of looking at who has the best attendance, who else has marked their attendance etc.

I was going through it and I noticed a strange name there. I tried recalling a lot but I couldn’t recall meeting that student or at least knowing him. I wanted to know who he is so I kept on narrowing down my search day by day with different parameters. Things life, counting how many students ahead of me have marked attendance and how many are of them are present, filtering ones whom I know etc.

I couldn’t find that person. He had around average attendance.

To my surprise, the other day, I found another student name that I did not know of .. I was able to remember that the name wasn’t there yesterday and his attendance for the previous days was marked absent. He only had marked his attendance as present for that day.

I thought that was an opportunity for me as he must be new or may be moved from another class so I can easily get who he was .. but again, I couldn’t find one.

Now the curiosity arose that made me talk to some of my friends about those two new students .. hahahah .. one of them smiled and said, there’s one more student joining tomorrow. .. and I was like really !!!!

“Three students joining in the middle of the semester?”, I asked. The other one of us smiled again, and said, ‘nai re .. meri khudki attendance bharte bharte I get bored so added some names to fill the attendance. Those are imaginary students that are attending the class ‘ 馃槅馃槅馃槅

I was laughing like anything when the other one said, ‘we added three so that I can keep their attendances even’..

I was like ‘Hey, bhagwaaan’. 馃槅

To add into it, he said, ‘These students are not only in this class, they have been there on other class attendances as well .. you know, just for the consistency’.

Hahahahhahahaha …

Of course our teachers must not have been looking into it every single day but this whole matter went viral when one of our teachers came in the other day, looking for one of those students to see why he hasn’t attended the internal class exam 馃槅馃槅馃槅馃槅 he did not even know that the student did not exist…

I was literally biting my tongue to hold my laugh …


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